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line We at Raamtin Hotel are ready to host your special events at 3 different venues with the following specifications :
line Raamtin Café :

Is located on the second floor of the hotel overlooking the scenic Valiye Asr Avenue. This venue entertains up to 60 people for lunch and dinner parties serving delicious assortment of Iranian dishes in a buffet setting.
line Bistango Restaurant :

Is located one floor below the lobby with a beautiful Mediterranean décor and exquisite lighting and music. This venue entertains parties of up to 80 people for lunch and dinner in a sit-down setting. Bistango offers the highest quality of today’s Western cuisine.
line Bistango Blue :

Is a private lounge located next to Bistango restaurant through a private door with it’s own private lobby and restroom service. This venue entertains up to 20 people for sit-down dinner and lunch. Bistango Blue offers the same delicious menus as Bistango restaurant.