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line Conference room 1:
  Capacity of 50 people, theatre style. However, our facility is completely flexible: it can be set up to serve the purpose of your meeting the best way possible i.e. classroom style, U-shaped style, and T-shaped style meetings. The conference room comes with it's own private lobby and coffee/tea bar and 2 separate bathrooms. We offer various break, lunch, and dinner menus for your guests to make your meetings as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
line Conference room 2:
  Capacity of 35 people, theatre style. The same flexibility and aminities exist in this room as well.
line Technical Capabilities:
line Phone, fax, and high-speed wireless internet inside the conference room.
line Video projector, screen, DVD, and video cassette player.
line Sound mixer with effects, two channel of amplification, hand-held and lavaliere type microphones, CD/DVD/MP3 player.
line 10 high quality 2-way speakers complement the whole system for an awesome sound.